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Dance is very close to me. The scene movement, the way of moving on the stage or dancing techniques are often helpful to us – the actors. However, dance can’t dominate the acting therefore keeping balance and right proportions is of the utmost importance. As a young girl I attended social dance lessons. Many steps and combinations I remember till now, what may be used whenever a need arises. During studies I was acquainted with the art of tap-dance, the inexhaustible source of rhythmic and music ideas, which in connection with a variety of  tap-dance styles may create unusual things. When I moved to Warsaw I was perfecting this technique with Jirina Nowakowska. In ElblÄ…g I became fascinated with flamenco dance. This is an unusual connection of woman’s temper and her sensuality, rhythm and charm, she creates around herself. Simultaneously flamenco represents peace and power. It’s beyond doubts that masters  have been perfecting the art during the whole live, nonetheless I’m happy that I could feel the grain of this taste. In Warsaw I started a two-year jazz-dance instructor course. “Appetite comes with eating” – the more we acquaint the richer our experiences and qualifications become, which may come in handy in life.

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