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An actor reigns in vanishing. It is a well known fact, that from all the fames his fame is the most momentary one. However all fames are momentary... From all the fames the least misleading is the one being experienced. Thus the actor has chosen the countless fame, the one, which sanctify and experience. He draws the most right conclusion from the fact, that he will die one day. He will leave us nothing but a photo, his gestures and silence, low breath or love sigh won’t ever come to us. Not to know for him – is not play and not play – is to die hundred times with all the ones to be brought to live and revived. What summary is more innovative than all these amazing creatures, these unusual and complete histories, which come across and come to an end among walls within a few hours? Having left the stage the actor is nobody. Maybe his live becomes only a dream then.”
                  Translated after Albert Camus

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