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I was born on the 7th March 1980 in Szczecin. The dream of acting came with the flow of time, in High School, at the end of the second year. Since that time I was connected with Proscenium theatrical group.  My love to theatre was growing with me. In 1999 I was admitted to the Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatrical Academy in Warsaw (Faculty of Puppeteer’s Art in Białystok). It was the greatest time in my education. I felt like a child, learning the world. Of course there was hard work and moments of doubts as well. However, faith in rightness of my choice was always with me. I believe that those four years were the most careless moments of self – development along with taking advantage of my imagination without any consequences and limitations. Immediately after the graduation – in 2003 – I was employed in Aleksander Sewruk Theatre in Elbląg. I debuted as Marta   in “Mysterious garden”. The premiere and great stress, which gripped me I remember until today. It was an unusual experience that nothing can be compared to.  In the theatre I started to learn from the beginning about hierarchy, work habits of different directors and how to perceive the surrounding reality. In 2006 I sat for an extramural examination in Warsaw – An Actress of drama theatre. “What for?” - my colleagues kept asking me. I think I wanted to prove something to myself and others. In the spring of 2008 I decided to go further, to cope with something, I hadn’t known in the profession so far. Since that time I have been living in Warsaw. I am aware, that every experience is valuable thus a creative actress must seek for new targets continuously.

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